Let’s Ensure IronPython’s Future

If you type “future of ironpython” into Google, you get a lot of results. A close look reveals that most of them are very old. The CodePlex site shows about a million total downloads since project inception. More concerning to me is that NuGet shows less than 35,000 downloads total as of 2015-05-13.

I’ve been using IronPython for dynamic business rules for five+ years and never had a single glitch (web app or WPF). I’ve used it for maintenance, application settings, reporting, validation, logging… the list is long. I’ve used it in multi-tenant web applications and in a super-high throughput WPF-based assembly line inspection system.
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Beginner, Python

A Python Primer

If you are a Python code jockey, you can skip this post completely. However, you may want to read it just to get a few “what a noob” laughs at my expense.

First, an admission about the code you will find on this blog. It is not necessarily “clever”, or “Pythonic”. This is by design. While Python is a clever language, with terse and efficient syntax when properly applied, the point of this blog is to get across the concepts for anyone, whatever their level of Python expertise. For loops and if..elif..else are common, easy-to-understand programming idioms.
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The Case for Dynamic Variability

As a developer, you’ve surely encountered this before. You’ve deployed the new version of your system, and now the sales team has a hot new lead, Acme Corp. They send you this email:

“Would it be possible, when the user creates a new Product inventory record, to automatically set the serial number to the Division abbreviation, followed by a dash, then a six digit number? Oh, and they need to add a -01 suffix if it’s a boat. Also they were wondering if we could push the serial number to their ERP system somehow.”

Well, now what?
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